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Spherical Flight Vehicle (Flying ball, Sphere drone, Single rotor, VTOL...)

Published on 06 Dec 2017 / In Cars & Vehicles

"Spherical Flight Vehicle with single rotor using 4 control surface"
- 4개의 조종면을 사용한 단일로터 방식의 구형 비행체

Spherical flight vehicle with a single rotor which can do VTOL and hovering is studied. The vehicle can also land or move on the ground by rolling. Even in circumstances such as sudden contact or crash, it hardly breaks due to the outer frame. This study derives the equations of motion for the vehicle whose thrust is controlled by a single rotor and is maneuvered by 4 control surfaces. An altitude hold controller is designed and tested by using Kalman Filter and PID.

I designed and manufactured all things such as SCAS controller used PID and Cicuit, Embedded controller, structure, GCS. Sensors are AHRS, Altimeter(Pressure+UltraSonic), RPM, volt, current.

- E mail : [email protected]
- HomePage : http://www.think-tank.co.kr/223 .

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